Embotics Interactive Solution



Embotics project description...

Embotics Interactive Solution Overview

Embotics was interested in marketing their cloud management platform and services on a large touchscreen device that would be demoed at tradeshows. They wanted a design that communicated their product’s story and how their services have integrated into their current client’s business needs. Capturing potential consumer contact information and general data within the system was requested. Custom content including animations and general graphics that followed their brand identity formatted for a large touchscreen display needed to be created. The visual design and interactions were two very important aspects of this public facing project.

My Role

I worked alongside another designer interviewing the client and stakeholders, creating the information architecture and delivering the final visual designs including motion graphics. I presented the initial IA and two conceptual visual designs to the client. After several rounds of feedback and iteration the framework and visual design were agreed upon. From there I worked on the idle animation and two initial screens creating the assets and implements them into the the proprietary visual editor used for this project. The client and several other designers continued to test the application throughout the project providing valuable feedback which I documented and included if deemed appropriate and inline with the project goals.


How do you not only attract but engage and connect with potential customers on a trade show floor? Embotics needed a design solution that cut through the trade show noise. Although there would be sales representatives inside the booth to walk people through the experiences we still needed to explore the edge cases that included users beginning the experience without a representative present and users walking away from the touchscreen without completing the experience.


We wanted to keep the experience simple and focused on the initial key points Embotics was interested in. The design was based around two main screens, the first screen presented the user with eight commonly asked questions centered around cloud automation and how the service could be integrated into their business. The second screen revealed three popular companies and their success stories using Embotics’ service. A universal button was placed in the bottom left corner allowing the user to request additional information at any point during the experience. The custom design work and content was all based off of the Embotics brand guidelines. The assets and motion graphics I created included the visual design, animated background, NASA Astronaut, Nordstrom shopper, Fanatics sports fan character animations and cloud pinging hotspots.

Embotics information architecture description...
Example section of the information architecture created for the client. This helps document helps the client understand how their content will be organized and how many screens, menu selections and buttons will be needed. It also helps our ux team collaborate and work together towards a defined and standardized system.


A selection of wireframes that were presented to the client once the information architecture was agreed upon. These designs provided a helpful visual walk through for the client explaining how one of their users might explore the system. Allowing the user to request more information at anytime and limiting the number of levels the user must click through before reaching the essential content was critical. I came up with a design solution that used a consistent button and icon on each screen that allowed the user to make their request and limited the user flow to two navigational levels.


Design description here...
Initial Cloud Automation Objectives visual design screen and a selection of panels. The Cloud Automation screen presents eight commonly asked questions consumers have regarding their platform. These questions are presented in a speech bubble format that also incorperates cloud based inspiration in a in an interesting way. The animated background is made up of 100’s of moving points and lines connecting with one another. These represent the different data centers and connections that make up a cloud based platform in an abstract way.


Design description here...
The Embotics Customer Stories screen is made up of three popular customers using their platform. After the intial client interview we discovered that they would be using large printed banners displaying these three characters. I wanted to remain consistent with the physical booth space and animated the characters. The subtle character movement helped capture the user’s attention and invited them to the tap the screen and explore their success story.