Jeep Showroom Kiosk

Jeep project description...

Jeep Showroom Kiosk Overview

Jeep dealerships were looking for an engaging interactive touch based solution that would allow their customers to explore their unique line of vehicles and products in fun and intuitive ways. The kiosk hardware was placed on the show floor as a sales tool to be used by potential customers looking for more information or by their sales team as an additional tool to be used within their sales process.

My Role

I gathered and categorized Jeep’s different vehicles, products and accessories based off of the dealership’s request. I created the visual identity of the kiosk using Jeep’s brand guidelines to design visually engaging screens through the use of images, video, animations and copy. I made continual updates and iterations based off client feedback and user observation provided by other members of the UX team.


Customers don’t always want help from a sales associate on the show floor. Today’s current consumer climate is made up of people using their own technology and finding their own answers. The Jeep dealership wanted a high quality multi-touch based system that engaged users and allowed them to explore a curated list of vehicles and products. The content layout and visual design needed to be inviting, easy to use and helpful. Each dealership also had unique services and offers. This meant that one screen would display exclusive content on a dealership per dealership basis.


The final design centered around the Jeep dealership products and services organized into seven individual sections accessible from the top level navigation menu. From left to right, the first five options were focused on the main Jeep vehicle line up. The last two options incorporated the local content based on the specific dealership offerings. Visually striking images were selected for each vehicle make. Video was cut from commercials and edited down into simple animations for the initial selection screen. The final design created an engaging visual experience that attracted users and encouraged them to explore the latest offerings the dealership had to offer.

Jeep IA description...
Example section of the information architecture. This document outlined the proposed framework of the application. Every product section, accessory option and spec sheet was organized. This document helped the client visualize what content would be needed and how the content would be used.


The two sketches showcase a few initial ideas exploring what options the user might see on the initial screen, icon designs and how the vehicle model could be presented.


Top level coverflow screen with the Wrangler selected. The visual design was heavily inspired by the spirit of Jeep and the rugged outdoor nature of their products. The high energy yellow was used as an accent to direct the user’s focus to the four different Wrangler models. Each model tile played a video in sequential order to direct the user’s attention to each individual product. The navigation selection at the top allowed the user to select and view the different vehicle options.


Once a specific vehicle was selected the user would be presented with a screen displaying the vehicle starting price, aesthetic options, safety information and educational videos. The six presented options placed around the model were based off of the content available on the Jeep website. The assets were redesigned and reformatted to work well and look great on a large touchscreen display.


After selecting one of the seven options a popup panel would display additional information. Here the exterior potion of the wrangler was displayed. The dark back panel was designed to recede into the background and allow the vivid photos and bright text to capture the user’s attention.